Web Site Gallery

www.tiberisland.com   Tiber Island Cooperative Homes (TICH) was our first client, and we continue to maintain that site and provide occasional related services. This site was developed in 1998 and reflects the technology of the time. Some limited updates have been made to reflect changes in the Southwest DC neighborhood. On-going, semi-monthly maintenance is performed on the ForSale/ForRent page. Most of the following sites reflect later web design styles and technology.

www.countyexecutives.org    Redeveloped and maintained for the County Executives of America, an association headquartered in Washington, DC. Originally designed by another firm, this site was turned over to us for redesign and enhancement, additional graphics, and on-going maintenance. This site features forms for obtaining information or inquiries from the client.

cra.gmu.edu    Developed and maintained for the Center for Regional Analysis, a research organization based in Northern Virginia and affiliated with George Mason University (GMU).

its.gmu.edu    Developed for the National ITS Implementation Research Center, an association comprised of several university-based organizations.

www.fairfaxmedia.com/mariettarun    Developed for a small pottery business in Ohio. Most of the photos appearing on the site were set up and taken by us.

www.gmupolicy.net/transport2003    Developed and maintained for the Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics Center (TPOL) at GMU.

www.gmupolicy.net/china    One of a series of sites developed and maintained for the George Mason University, School of Public Policy, supporting their Study Abroad Program. For a complete set of links to sites we have designed and maintained for GMU, go to www.gmupolicy.net.

www.emindreader.com    Redeveloped and maintained for EMindReader.Com, an Internet technology company that provides marketing analysis services for its clients.

www.fairfaxmedia.com/ecampaignnetworks   This site is one of the web sites that we are currently developing with a new client. It is presented here to demonstrate a process that we use with clients to facilitate discussion during a site's design phase. The initial page is a set of links to various versions of the new site's home page and sample subpage. As each new version is developed, it is reviewed by the client's staff, who responded back to us via email with comments and additional content to be incorporated in the next version. This site is still under development and is not intended to represent a finished site.

Video Test Site    Site for occasionally testing videos under development.